Xbox Chick

im a masssiiivvveeee xbox/360 addict. i LOVE HALO and anything to do with it :)

i play it alot more than my brother, and im better at him at most of the games, it annoys me when i play it with my friends cause theyre all crap and end up killing themselves somehow:P its quite hilarious really

im also the one who buys all the games for our 360, just because i finish them all to quick,

my dream job is to actually become a game tester. sit around all day, play video games rate and judge them and get payed.


that would be sweeet :)

JaalaPurdie16 JaalaPurdie16
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

lol I would love to be a video game tester, lol do you play on xbox live? maybe we can play a match with a game or two