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I`ve already planned out where i want to go to college. It`s no doubt about it. i`ve always wanted to go to Julliard. every since like 3rd grade. ive always dreamed that i`ll have a solo and be in the center of the stage and everyone will be cheering for me. if you guys have ever heard of David Wong, he is a really great violinist. i really admire him because he just does what he wants to do. and i want to achieve whatever i dream. cause a lot of people give up along the way. I dont want to be one of those people. I want to go all the way in life and achieve everything i can. Even if i dont have a plan B right now, im only in middle school, i still have a while.
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Smartypants5, I came to this post from David Wong's FB page. You're right, he's definitely an inspiration to many. I'm the mom of a tween girl who plays violin, so I know the work you're putting in to advance all your techniques so you can audition for Julliard.

I wish you great success and hope there are people in your life who encourage you daily. Keep working hard and smart and you'll get there!

i love playing, but im not sure if i could lead an entire career with orch. im hopin to get a scholarship from orch, but idk if ill play it my entire life....
we is so different O.O

ha. ik but opposites attract ;)