I have been known to play with food here and there, and a recent conversation got me trying to remember all the different foods I have had fun with so far in my life, and one that I would really like to try some day...

Included in my list are

whipped cream (I think everyone has tried this at least once?)


maple syrup

chocolate body paint

edible massage oil (does that count as food???)

cucumber (peeled of course)

altoids (for him)

regular peppermint (for me)

peanut butter

I'm sure there is more, I'll have to add them as I remember them.

And then there is the one I hope to try one day...

Canned peaches. 


What's on your list?


Bluebie Bluebie
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11 Responses Aug 3, 2010

LOL Cass. I think every girl has tried that at least once, don't you? :)

I have heard about M&M's, but Snickers is a new one to me... do you freeze them first?

Snickers? Mmm... that would be interesting... ;)

Ok rjcrjc. Bananas. I have a question about that.... Peeled or unpeeled? ;)

Mmm... There is a lot to love about Chocolate pudding Bill205! Why Swiss Miss though? Will the Jello brand work as well? I think it's all they have in my grocery store. :)

Swiss Miss chocolate pudding.

Aww. You are so cute all pouty that way Shortie ;)

Coconut Oil? Is that a food Slo? Ice cream, huh? That reminds me of another thing for my list. Ice. Does that count as food?<br />
<br />
Grapes Groovy? Interesting... Hmm... You will have to tell me what you did with the grapes. ;)

You've really opened up a can of peaches here Blubie. And you pissed off the apricots.<br />
Long time ago....I had fun with grapes. Seedless of course.

Well, apparently the peaches should be slightly warmed, Groovy. We wouldn't want the cream to curdle or anything. LOL Maybe whipped cream would work at some point in the process...<br />
<br />
Glad you like it Slo, and thanks for clueing me in about the peaches ;)<br />
<br />
But neither of you said what food you have had fun with?

Canned peaches .....NOW. Maybe with cream?