I Always Wanted Big Boobs...and I Have Them

I always wanted big boobs, and now im a full DD and I love them. they looks so good i can't help but play with them
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6 Responses Dec 7, 2011

hi.... cud u explain wat u do with ur boobs i wana play with mine..............

As I am bisexual, this post got me feeling horny... I would love to lick and play with them if you don't mind!

that's my girl!! ;)

I always envied women for their big boobs as you can play with them yourself. I LOVE so much to play with boobs that I would appreciate to have a pair of my own. Btw do you like other persons to play with your delicious boobs ?

how do u play mean wat u do with them i wana play with my boobs i luv them

Can I play too...?

Hmm nice first story!very hot!Too bad there isn't a pic of you in your profile!Hope you change out the avatar and out your pic up.