Almost All The Time

Of course I play with my boobs. THey are so big and juicy, that i just wanna touch them all the time! And i love other people to play with them too. I was never against this, even when i was at school. I remember once - when i was 15 and my boobs were like balls for football, we had maths and my best friend and i were talking all the time about this and he wanted to be kissing my boob and finaly i took it out of the bra, and he was kissing it for half an our behind my jacket, nobody understood - neither the teacher, nor the other students and that was soooo great. Now when I'm writing about it, I'm touching my braless girls and it so nice to feel!
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I come from a big breasted family. Every female in my family has big breasts. I do like how you always felt comfortable enjoying your body. My cousins and sister suffered as their breasts grew so big. Eventually, they learnt to use them.

Mmmmmm for ur boobs

Sucking big ****, better than maths any day! Please add me would love to see more of you! x

Ya the Lucky Guy , I'd Love 2 take over 4 Him Baby !!

Yeah, Lucky Guy !!!

WOWI wish I had U in my class & could play with U'r Girls any time , I wouldLove that Baby . So Where Ya from ?

I bet have your gorgeous bug **** and nipples sucked makes your pretty ***** wet ! mmmmmmmm

I love your story it was so awesome can we be friends

Hi, so ur friend was kissing ur boobs in class and u had a jacket to hide his kissing from others. did i get it right? wao. that is hot. I would most probably just suck them unable to keep my urge to do so. wao that is hot. Any more stories where folks have gone crazy about your hot boobs.

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference fore delicious boobs and I'd SO LOVE to play with your wonderful breasts for hours, hopefully making you ****** of my breast play :)

They really are stellar! Can I get an add?

always a treat when a woman plays with herself and even better when she shares

of course they dominate it and make it so cool

that nice! wish i was that friend of yours :)

yes they are and naughty too

Your last comment suggests that. Maybe you can share some of the stories with us on EP.

ok, yhe first one i remember is from last week. i knew that i have a new neighbour next door and when i met him on the first floor, i said: Hi, how about to take my big **** to the fifth floor, they are a little bit heavy, so please help me upstairs.
he grabbed them and we were moving like that to my door, then i asked hip in and we were watching a movie on the tv with my boobies in his hands and we were standing like that till the moment his wife came to look for him.
While he was touching my boobs, he said that he is maried and didn't want to make sex because of that. :(

What a lucky guy. Your boobs must be quite sensitive.

Yes, my epic boobs always put me in such kind of situations.
Five days ago I was invited in my friend`s home for lunch, she went out to answer the pfone and i took the time to sway my nippels and it was so sudden when her father came in the room unexpectedly, such a shame. During all the lunch after that he was looking at my boobs and i was feeling crazy.

You must have been so humuliated. That is so hot.

yes i was, he went in and said hello and my hands were still on my boobs and when i took them off, my nipples were visible...his eyes became huge

So amazingly hot. I gues that is why they call them fun bags. lol...

Do you have hard nipples as well?

I always enjoy seeing a woman playing with her boobs, it makes me so horny

Wow. That is so hot.