I'm Doing It Right Now

Now I'reading your stories and I play with my melons.
GiantBoobs GiantBoobs
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14 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I wanna see. :)

can I play with them also?

I want to play with your melons too 😘

You I am playing with my balls as I read your stories..

Have a look at my stories too. ;)

I Wish I Could , I'm An Expert BreastMan Baby !!

wish i could b watchin that ! !

I would LOVE to play with them for you ;)

for a set as yours ...you can't but play with them ...they seem to attractive

As you can guess from my profile name I have a preference fore delicious boobs and I'd SO LOVE to play with your wonderful breasts for hours, hopefully making you ****** of my breast play :)

I was doing that earlier :)

very nice mental image!

looks like youve got plenty to play with.

What a lovely sight that would be to see