Boob Play

I love boobs! I enjoy playing with mine daily! I love to rub all over them and make them bounce!
bluefoxx bluefoxx
22-25, F
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Nice. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that.

wish i could see that

I'd love to play with them too.

hey! bluefoxx wats up? i luv to play with my boobs will u let me knw detailed wat u do. i wana play a sexier play with my luvly boobs. i'm in luv wd my booooooooobs....suck'em

Ya, you go girl. You're not alone.

Will u allow me to suck ur lovely boobs...?/

Lol. Can I play with your boobs to? I've never gotten to do stuff like that before.

I love a hands on love myself. My boobs are tiny and ticklish! Never had any complaints though. So do you like fondling and caressing or pinching and pulling?

love to hear lovely girls who play with their boobs ;-) x

So how big R they & I'd also Love 2 see them bounce . Hope U have some great pic's of them , add me 2 U'r friends list so I can enjoy them aswell ! !

me too!!!

haha clitmit i will keep that in mind!

let me know when and where would love to suck them for you lol.

thanks i needed that today. i am feeling so depressed, your comment makes my. but i wish i had a real set of boobs, but i guess it will never happen for me. if you every want to chat i here, that gose for anyone!!<br />
<br />

it was a pair of boobs followed by a smiley face!! n yes i love ur comments!!

i don't know what (.)(.)........:) mint? did it mean you liked my comment, or did it mean you did not like my comment. that is what i was trying to ask you. i am a guy in a wheelchair that wants to see and enjoy some breast so bad but women think and tell me i'm bad all the time

@rob what do u mean dear? @ busty thanks babe! @kes :)

Great image!

dose that make you mad?

what happened to you hun that you're in a wheelchair.

@Rob (.)(.)..... :)

i would love to see that..

Lol! who doesn't love boobs?! ;)

you go girl ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha