I Admit It

I used to play with my boobs a lot when they were growing.  Mainly I think just to see how big they were.   They are really fun, I love them and I play with them a lot.. however now I use the cover that I'm just putting lotion on to keep the skin smooth!  lol

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I totally enjoy reading your teasing stories! I hope you add me so I can see the woman that enjoys these adventures.

It's sad, but sometimes at work ill close my office door. Lock it, then take my bra of and massage them. Partly I do this simply to take off my bra for comfort reasons, also massaging them helps to improve circulation and there is some evidence to support that this helps to remove toxins that might contribute to breast cancer, and finally it just feels good. I always wonder how the people I work with would react if they knew what was going on behind that locked door.

I'd love to massage them for you. I'll be happy to keep them safe from toxins!

You don't need to excuse. I understand very well that such nice and sensitive breasts need to get played with all the time. As you told it's even better when someone else is playing with your breasts I'd LOVE to help you get that better feeling as often as you need it.

You definitely wouldnt need the cover with me unless you wanted someone to help you with it haha ;)

my skype: guy4milf

OOP forgot to say....Sneaky cover-story, will have to pass that on to a couple friends ><

LOLZ....had fun reading your post and the thread/comments...didn't feel like 5 pages worth at all =P

yu need help with the lotion hun ;-) they look stunning x

About the breast stimulation comment, my fiance definitely gets off from time to time from me just sucking on her ****. Of course, it's not quite the same intensity as ******* from direct contact, but she's usually humping my leg or something to help it along. You should definitely try sometime, but it might take the right technique. I dunno...

I think that we all play with our junk from time to time. Sort of reminds me that I'm a sexual being. I can, and do suck my own nipples when I am so motivated. Its not as much fun as having someone else do that for you though. But, for those of us who are obsessed with our "parts" have fun and play away!

when you play with breasts, do you ever suck your own nipples?

Something about being impressed with our own bodies :) Very cool and hot. thanks for sharing. When i started getting a healthy **** it became a lot of fun to play with too. I've always got a hand in my pants, and you down your shirt~!

I will fold my arms at work and then drag my fingernails across the outside of my blouse and nipples--very nice.

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Warmwhisper.. you have your own boobs to play with! But sure, you can play with mine anytime. It drives men crazy anyway.. so why not.<br />
<br />
lol cheeky! you girls should behave...

Better to not have a wardrobe malfunction in polite company... but its always a challenge to.. Adjust discretely, without looking like a pervert.

lol your co-workes must love you.. I will hire you just to raise the mood at my office heheh

At least them someone will be playing with our boobs!

Ooh! thank you! That's so delightful it makes me giggle! I have to crochet something appropriately tiny for you.

Warmwhisper.. you have your own boobs to play with! But sure, you can play with mine anytime. It drives men crazy anyway.. so why not.

Yes, I would delight in playing with your boobs, quite seriously. Wow! Can I watch you at work?

I have never tried that. I've heard that some women can ****** from breast stimulation, but I've never tried to do that either by myself, or with a partner. Perhaps that give me some homework to try.<br />
Thanks for the idea, I'll let you know how it turns out.

and they are beauties.

well, I have more than a handful.. so its nice to know that I can have help anytime I want it.

Would love to help you play with those beauties.

I keep my girls happy, and they keep me happy! No doubts about that!

There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with your boobs! If you don't have that special someone around to play with them then a girl's gotta do what she needs to to keep her happy!

yer without a bra is the way to go

yer without a bra is the way to go

No no, with me you would learn to do it in public, automatically, without thinking, and enjoy the looks you get when you do it ;-) Or better still, I would just teach you to go without a bra, in a top like the one in your profile.

Something else I have to do constantly through the day is adjust. Which isnt very easy for women.. as its not socially polite for us to be seen fondling ourselves in public. However during the day my breasts move, they don't always stay put in my bra the way I want them to.. so I'll have to adjust them a bit to be more comfortable, and balanced. That is also a good time to play.. mostly when I'm in the ladies room and nobody can see me.

LOLZ....I when I was working I caught my co-worker doing this. An adjust ment is one-thing, but she kinda 'Pinched' a few SLOW times....so it wasn't a scratch to relieve an itch or a quick adjustment &gt;&lt; ....All I could do is smile n give a slight giggle and she just did the same BUT THEN then a minute later when got quiet on the floor again she lifted them both one at a time and after that day she not minded to Feel when we both worked in the same corner &gt;&lt; She was lesbian, but still liked the attention/teasing of certain people in general =P

There was a girl at work that I caught doing this all the time. She was a skinny girl with very large breasts for her size. Now that I think about it I think she liked me. However for some reason we never clicked.

Hi i would love to help you put lotion on your boobs

We need to get you all into one office then. Happy nipples, happy workers.

I wonder how many of your female coworkers are doing the same thing to their nipples at their desks.

I bet it would be easy to get some volunteers for some boob play time.

If you ever need some help... just let me know ;)

It is very easy to find myself absent mindedly playing with them while I'm at my desk, or watching TV. Hopefully my co workers dont think I'm a perv.

Very good idea. You should try oil on your balloons sometime.