Sissy Perm

It has been a while since i went to the hairdressers. My hair was permed in to tight ringlets the last time i went. I love playing with the texture of my hair. Sometimes other people have come to me and touched my hair. Mostly women though, I'm always being told how brave I am for getting such a hair do. Which takes me to why its being touched or played with if i am so brave. I suppose my hair is extremely girly but that is the look i was going for.
sissycurls sissycurls
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2 Responses Nov 24, 2010

Playing with your hair after your perm is a real turn-on for me too. I've had my hair permed from tight little curls to large loose bouncy curls that I'm enjoying now, and I might add that my style is very girlie & curly.

I think it is wonderful that you have your hair done in aGirly manner. More of us men need to become Brave enough to express our Femininity in public. You are a True Pioneer!<br />
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Thanks!<br />
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