Horny After Bikini Shoot.

I'm a bikini model, with strong breasts. I love to come home after my shoot, and sit in the couch in my house, and put on a romantic and sexy movie, and the open my bra, and twist, pull, suck, lick,  rub my nipples between my fingers, and soooo much more. i get so much joy out of it. just talking of this makes my bikini wet. im not wearing a bra right now. only my bikini. sure wish someone was here to help me...........
snehasanib snehasanib
4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

i can allow anyone to play with them :D u can lick too but dnt suck cuz it hurtss xD

i feel you ! i do teh same feels good doesnt it ?

I wish i am there now to help you

Wish I was there to help you too. ;-)