Fantasing About Being Humiliated Using Food

I always fantasised about what it would be like being humiliated in front of people with food. Being rather shy but curious about this I decided to attend a fête that happened every year in my village. This year though there was a special adults only event that took place after nine o'clock at the local rugby club. Being only 17 i wasn't allowed to attend but i had found out that there was a messy gameshow event taking place and so badly wanted to watch. So at nine I snuck out my house and went to the club. Having people on the door I knew my only entry was through the changing rooms at the back. I managed to sneak in easily untill I heard footsteps, I froze unable to run. A man and a woman entered and saw me immediatly, I couldn't speak I was so scared. The man wanted to throw me out but the woman convinced him not to, she had other ideas. She grabbed my wrist and led me into a small room. She explained that for breaking in I was going to pay dearly. She dissapeared and for a second it was quiet then I heard cheering. She came back and dragged me out onto a stage. Before I knew it I was gagged. She announced that I was going to be punished. They all said I should be gunged. I was tied to a chair still gagged and it started. I got pelted with eggs, rotten tomatoes, had buckets of baked beans, spagetti, custard, rice pudding, thick syrup poured all over me. I got pied a million times all over. Then I was untied and blindfolded. Some woman ******** me naked and I got picked up taken outside and thrown in a trough full of thick mud. I was then tied up again still naked and muddy and told I was to wait till morning to be released. I was utterly humiliated in front of the whole village.
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not really fitting for this group but still very entertaining