Improvising For Lack Of A Nipple Play Partner

I have always been severly aroused by having my nipple touched, my freshman year in college i decided to get my nipple pierced. It was a bar, once the pain of the piercing went down i realized how amazing the piercing i got was. Around whenever brushed against my nipples get hard as rocks. I used to take bobby pins (usually used for hair) and i would let them sit in my mouth for a couple seconds to warm them up and make them wet, than i would sneak them up and clip it around my pierced one first, which would almost always stay in place perfectly. Than i would get another bobby pin and put it around the other nipple which isnt pierced and gave me a more difficult time. The whole time im wishing i had somone doing all of this for me. The next thing i would do is take this long stringlike material and tie it around each nipple while clamped in the pin still, i tie each nipple on opposite side of the sting. Than when i pull them they tug together and send pulses of sensation right to my ****, which is next in line to get pierced..
alliebanks alliebanks
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1 Response Apr 19, 2011

You could drape the string around your neck and wear it like a "string bra" ... and go out like that.<br />
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Would make me hot to see you and what it does to you :)