At Work

I've been sitting here at work with several of my shirt buttons undone with one of my hands inside just rubbing and tweaking my nipples. Luckily I don't share an office, when I used to, I used to do my nipple rubbing when I was in the loo, in fact sometimes I'd have one hand on my nipples and the other down my pants while sitting on the toilet. Not using the toilet just enjoying the privacy of the cubicle.

Not that I'm adverse to a sneaky nipple play in public if I think I can get away with it, it's just sometimes difficult to explain why you've got your shirt unbuttoned.

I've been rubbing my nipples since I was a small child but recently I have got to the stage where if I rub enough I can get an org*sm and sometimes I can even get milk to come out, in which case I then try to suck the milk from my nipples. Not always easy as my breasts are quite small and I can only just get part of my nipple up to my mouth but if I squeeze real hard I can usually get some milk into my mouth and boy does that feel good.

I'm actually starting to feel horny just writing this down.

I may have small breasts but the amount of enjoyment I can get from them has nothing to do with their size.

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Yes sucking milk straight from nipples gives girls a sudden high.

Ironically my GFs nipples don't get sensitive until after she's had foreplay with me for a while. Once she gets going then her nipples get sensitive, but to just start playing with them? It does nothing for her. However, my ex GF? I could play with her nipples only and get her to ****** inside of 5 minutes.

Yes. caressed nipples will do that. I get horny playing w/mine too. Isn't womanhood great?

What a lovely picture you paint, thanks for sharing

I suckle myself every 2-3hrs to empty my breast milk. And I never fail to have a wonderful ****** that just goes on forever every time I do.

I do the same thing I would LOVE to suckle your breats and drink your sweet necture.

Just been on the plane journey. I was wrapped in a shawl. Every now and again my hand would slid under the shawl and inside unbuttoned shirt and scratch and squeeze my nipples sending lovely feeling to my lower belly and below.mmmmmmml

It's so much fun sneeking a tweek of my stiff teats when I think no ones looking...may I squeeze the other for you?

I love nipples - and I love women who enjoy nipples. It is wonderful to enjoy the pleasures that your body gives, and I enjoy enhancing the pleasures a woman enjoys.<br />
<br />
And I am turned on by women who enjoy oher women's nipples and ****.

YEs! :)

Really cool. Good for you. Obviously many, many people are just like you. Me included.