Horny Play With Nipples

I get so horny reading these stories. My nipples get hard and I have to play with them. Tonight I've been rubbing them for over an hour. I flick them and glide my fingers over them. Oh it feels so good. I love looking at my hard nipples while I play with them. I'm trying to *** just by playing with them. I'm doing so as I type. I'm arching my back up and down so my nipples rub against the seam of my blanket. It is so enjoyable. I imagine them being sucked and licked. A man flicking the right nipple with his tounge and a woman suckling on my left nipple. It is so hard to not touch my wet ***** but I'm getting close just from playing with my nipples. This feels so amazing. Oh how I wish they were being licked. Mmmm.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

Now I'm all wet. Almost came just from reading this.