I Tease Myself

I lay on my bed and remove my shirt and bra and grab my big juicy nipples and play with them as I watch ****..As I get more into it I began to lick and suck on my right nipple and tweak the left one. My ***** gets so wet as I play with them them. I take some on my wetness and rub it into my nipples and then twist and tweak them until I have explosive ****** and even then I continue to play with them. I am so addicted..MMHM ;)
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1 Response May 21, 2012

AS you get wet and smear your juice on your *******, would you like me to lick and suck your juice off your breasts and nips ? I'd LOVE to lick and suck your huge ******* and then as you get really wet you might sit on my face and feed me your wet ***** forcing me to eat your wet ***** out as it pleases you.