More Bounce To The Ounce

I had a fun experience yesterday at a local coffee shop. I had some time to kill while waiting for somebody do arrive, so I just sat and observed those around me. The young lady behind the counter was a smaller BBW at about 5’5” and about 200 lbs. She had beautiful striking eyes, long hair and full heavy breasts that were probably F or G cups. There was a long period with no new customers and she had nothing to do. She was standing in a spot where I could see her clearly but almost nobody else could. She became engrossed in reading a magazine and began to absentmindedly bounce her breasts up and down. It was subtle, just an inch or so of motion, and I don’t even think it was a conscious act, more like absentmindedly scratching an itch. Eventually she changed to a side-to side motion. Her shirt was not really low cut but with her bust size it did show some cleavage, and in addition to her breasts moving together, but slightly out of sync with her torso, at the end of each sway, there was that little extra “wave” of motion in the exposed breast flesh that was not restricted by her bra or shirt. The result was both quite hypnotic and erotic.

I got the feeling that she enjoyed her heavy breasts and the found their motion a bit stimulating and a bit comforting at the same time. I also got the feeling that this was a regular unconscious habit for her. It was a lovely unexpected treat in the middle of a busy day.
LuvMBig LuvMBig
41-45, M
Jan 15, 2013