And Even When I'm Not Alone...

I constantly find myself playing with my nipples, sometimes without realizing it. While just watching tv or reading, I start flicking them with my thumbs. Sometimes at work, sitting at my desk in the front office, I slip my hand inside the top of my shirt and find my way into my bra and start pinching, tugging... It all just feels so good. I get so excited and wet sometimes, I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to finish off and freshen up. 
EliseB EliseB
22-25, F
14 Responses Jan 22, 2013

What a story!! Would you please add me...

Add me please

you have me enjoying my nipples here too....any chance we could help each other out ;-)

Must be hard to concentrate on your work?

Wow I'd sure love 2 do that 4 Ya Baby , I'm A True eat sleep & Drink BreastMan (GotMilk) Love 2 have A Girl like U in my life I'd have U'r BooBs in my hands 24/7 !!

You are sexy as hell! wish you worked in my office! *** to florida, the weather is fine B-)

Mmm, mmm, mmm!!! ;-)

wow, that makes me daydream

from the looks of your profile pic,you have lots to play with. enjoy yourself sweetie.


If you avatar is actually your... Shucks!! I cann't blame ya! I know I couldn't keep my hands/lips off those Big, Plump, and Juicies!!! Cause I'd be "Hot & Ready" @ ALL TIMES!!! I would REALLY like to be your friend, get acquainted and see/learn more of you. Lick addy split (oh yeah - that to...)

where do you work ;)

Sweet! If I was sitting there with you watching TV you wouldn't have to do it yourself. I'd do it for you. But if you started I might just be tempted to sit and watch you do it.

You sound exactly like my wife,,,her nipples are always sensitive. I'd love an add if you would be so kind.

Sexy story ..has anybody gave them a real good sucking?