I Play With Myself

i started playing with myself at a very young age.rubbibg it on just about anything made it become arroused.i used to play with myself in second grade under the desk.once i was called upon to rise and answer a question.i had to refuse.i had a two inch hard on and i wasent going to waste it.i have always loved my **** that way.im a way lot older now but my **** still gives me the wonderful feelings great satisfaction it always has.YEAH!i jerk offi love it,and it feels soooooo GOOD!!!

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9 Responses Apr 5, 2009

I started playing with myself when I was about 14. I had those great fantasies of gorgeous, well-known women fainting and I would catch them and revive them by kissing them all over.
Later i started to play with myself when I saw attractive women pass by. Actually I passed out once, when I jerked myself off on my neighbour who was sunbathing topless.
And lately I have discovered a new subject. I have a lot of nude photographs and videos of myself and sometimes I play with myself watching these.

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Oh legsman, you are so nice. If i had married someone like you I would cherish you till the day I died. Im really laid back, very giving, very loving, love to cook, clean and do all the wify things im supposed to do, but im an empty vessel, wanting to be filled. Oh such is life! Its so sad and such a waste, believe me, but thats what was meant for me i suppose.

You need to find the time, the time to love yourself for who you are, saying that though, you also need to start looking after yourself and make sure you dont end up like mum or dad. Me too since being married and having 4 children I've put on weight almost 30kilo, but hell I'm healthy and yes I'd love to be slimmer but i'm watching myself and getting older it seems to take forever to lose anything. But we need time for ourselves and time for our loved ones and the best way is to give love and make it a blast, even if its one night a week. My problem is that my spouse isnt hot enough he only needs it once a week/fortnight and the rest of the time he is cold, no touching, no talking, no communication. so that for me is hard, very hard, which is why this sight helps me to relieve myself, my identity isnt known and i can get off by just reading the stories and emails I get, without having to commit adultery. Sad but unfortunately a fact of life.. So girl think special and make yourself special, take out sometime for yourself to have fun and love loving.

Maybe i could help you relieve yourself. and me too.

Sempre,<br />
I have very little confidence in myself, although my bf is great, he constantly compliments me, but I still don't like my body. I have gained about 30-40 pounds since we first started dating. My parents are obese and I am starting to tip that scale of being chunky to obese. I can't seem to find the time for the romance that I want us to have. I only seem to find time for freakin' work.

It seems to me that one would have to consciously work at not being in the mood ... over time you would somehow rationalize that sexual fun is a luxury for others, but not yourself. I, on the other hand, believe that sex and play are natural daily feelings and emotions and would worship a woman who felt the same. Not saying that a sexual marathon has to occur daily. I'm saying that I get aroused daily, multiple times, and can choose to do something about it if I want (************, of course, since I have been in a sexless, loveless, romanceless marriage for a long time). If I had a woman such as Sempre I'm not sure I would ever leave the house!

Nightwhisper why is it hard for you to get in the mood??? What do you mean???

Sempre, You are lucky to even be in the mood. I find it hard to get into the mood. I have talked to other women who feel the same as I. Also, you are lucky to find time to do it once or twice a week.

I have no choice but to do it. My hubby can only handle it 1 maybe 2 times a week, and i am very hot all the time. I have spoken to him about this and he laughs and says I've gone mad! I dont understand men. I bet if a woman came on to him he would **** her, then why after marriage do men get bored. I have tried everything to please him, toys, positions, different things he likes but to no avail, its still once/twice a week? Other men would die to have a wife such as I.