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I wrote a story on EP about how size matters.

I was very deliberate in my description regarding how it matters.  From reading it and looking at the group one could infer that it was about a particular part of the male anatomy.  I never specifically said that it was.  At the end of my story I said that size mattered in money, houses, stock portfolios, guns and male endowments.  I was being cheeky and playing with the words.

I received comments that were all over the place from giggles, agreements to men telling me that I am shallow and others complaining about the size of their penis.  Oh brother.

Simple word play is all it was. 

Intelligent people appreciate the complexity of language and how the mind works to understand a train of thought.  I wish there were more of them around.

It is sad to say that Freud had it right.  Out of all of the stories I have written about overcoming obstacles, pushing through challenges, sharing my proposal and plans for my wedding, the one about size matters has the most views.  Over 2000.  People get your head out of your crotch.  People automatically assumed that it was about penis size.  It really wasn't but if it fits, then . . .
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3 Responses Oct 29, 2011

OK, I went back and rewrote it as best as my feeble little brain could remember.

I remember the story and I liked it. I made a comment, so I guess I think with my genitalia and it is stupid with a one-track mind. Lolololol

I didn't see a comment from you Mewold.

I remember the story in question ;-) The follow up comments were very interesting indeed. I agree with WO - this is story is the frosting!