My Son & I & World Of Warcraft

I play World of Warcraft. And so does my 11 year-old son. Yes, I'm a mom who just started with WoW about a year ago. I have one level 80 Human Rogue named Faersylphael, a 72 Draenei Mage named Esmaelavelix, and an assortment of lower level characters on the Garrosh server. Actually, I've been taking a little a break from playing recently, only because so many other things online have been demanding my attention, but my son is again devoted to his level 71 Tauren DK, and I'm hoping to return to Faer shortly.

Things got pretty stressful for me at Level 80. I mean face it, I'm 45 years old, and a very left-brained, scattered, oversensitive woman. And although people say I look younger than my age, I just didn't grow up in the gamer generation, except that a kid down the street from me had the first Pac-Man. So I didn't see video games until about 2003 when I got my then 4 year-old son his first Playstation. So, Faer has two or three working macros which are said to be important for rogues, and she's got almost all purple items, several of which are the level 80 ones only buyable with emblems in Dalaran, but I'm a long way from being decked out in all Frost, and to be honest, the stress of  the Heroic Northrend dungeons is seriously tough on me. Having to overcome a major fear of spiders and insects aside, just the amount of pressure players put upon each other to perform perfectly, it makes me want to give up, for I know I'll never be good enough at the game to rate that high. 

But I still love the game, and I love what I read a fan say, 'You know you're addicted when you look out the window and say, "Man, those are really great graphics!" So, soon I'll be back to completing quests in the lower portion of Northrend. Last I played I finally got my Ka'luak fishing pole, and I've learned all the recipes in Dalaran, so it will be time to fish some more Dragonfins and make enough gold to level Leatherworking (I had no idea how expensive it would be!)

If any of you are in Garrosh or Echo Isles, that's where I am mostly. I hope I don't sound like too much of a noob.  I think I'm doing very well for a left-brained lady of my age. I think Faersylphael is viewable in Wowarmory via my Facebook, so if any of you want to see her, visit: or maybe you can just get there from here O_o

Thanks for reading and I take all constructive advice and criticism :) ~ Hillary

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Hey I hear you about the stress i Draenei and i cant even figure out where the rune is to put in my sword to even get into the world of wow... i just started today.. and it might be the end :P

Well excellent :) If I can ever get my hands on MY gaming computer (one gaming computer, one older computer that's good for everything up to downloadable Wild Tangent-style games) I will be sure to start up on Steamwheedle Cartel :) My son and his friends >.< are always on the new one for WoW, Left 4 Dead 2 (gotta love the Zombie Apocalypse, LoL), Sims 3, etc. But yes, as soon as I get a decent length turn I'll start up on SC. Have my authenticator too (Faer did get hacked once) so I'm ready to go. Thanks again for your awesomeness :)<br />
~ hillary

Haha, you can certainly 'pester' me. xD Id be more than happy to give you advice and such<br />
Im on Steamwheedle Cartel, Alliance side, charater's name, Tualha ~.o

Thanks, both of you, for your comments :) And iRant, my rogue and my mage are both in the same, friendly guild. And that helps, but sometimes it's the pla<x>yers I know best that I want approval from the most. So as nice as my guild mates are, if I screw up, I really feel it. <br />
<br />
And Tualha, it's wonderful to hear about your mother, and how excellent that she has you right there to help her. My WoW-playing son is just 11, although he's done a good job leveling his Tauren DK to 71 independently, he's very lazy about leveling skills so he can make money. I, on the other hand, having taken a break from WoW for the last 2 months or so, am really beginning to worry that I'll never get back in the swing of things. I'll probably start back to work on a lower level character who is guild-less to lower the ol' stress level. Ultimately I'll probably be more comfortable with pre-80 level characters anyway. I enjoy questing ~ I think Faersylphael finished everything in Outland except Blade's Age and Shadowmoon Valley, and she's done everything in Borean, and most in Grizzly, Howling, Dragonblight, and Coldarra. <br />
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So perhaps I'll avoid the Level 80 thing for a while. Like your mother, I've gotten frustrated. The emblems take forever to accrue, the gear takes even longer, dungeons and raids demand near-perfection, and no matter how many dragonfins I catch and cook, I can never seem to earn enough gold to keep up with "The Joneses", so yeah...but don't get me wrong, I have loved the game, I'm just too thin-skinned for the competitiveness I find there.<br />
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Thanks for your comments, and if you ever feel comfortable sharing the realm and faction you are in, Tualha, maybe I'll start a character there, just so I can pester you for advice now and again :)<br />
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Sincerely,<br />

Ive been playing WoW for about a year and a half now, and have three 80s under my belt. A shaman, paladin, and death knight, and am currently working on a druid. A few months ago, I got my mother to join me on WoW. Funny thing is, she is also an 80 rogue nearly in the same situation as you. She will get frustrated with things at times, and I show her how to do things, and help her when she needs it. She's improved much in the last few months, and she's starting to edge her way into very casual raids. From what I read, you could use much the same type of thing. Someone who is very willing to help you when you need it, but wont try to drag you into a raid or anything. And especially someone that you can have fun with. <br />
<br />
I took a peek at your gear as well. You have a ways to go, but it's a good start. Im not gonna say anything about your blues, because...well...they're blues XD Your epics are looking nice though. Just keep an eye on your enchants, only thing that you're missing really. Id review your gems myself, but I dont know rogues overly well, so it might just be me not knowing too much. But my shaman is a jewelcrafter, so I memorize what classes go after what gems to make life easier.<br />
Sadly, Im not on either of your servers, but I'll help where I can. Goodluck with your WoW shenanigans! I hope you find a nice niche somewhere you can relax and have fun without having to worry about all those perfectionists out there. :)

You need to find a guild that's nice and casual. At least you don't have a "high-stress" toon like a tank and/or a healer. I gave up tanking because I didn't like having to know all the details of every fight. I still have my tank and I use him occasionally to farm emblems in heroics, but that's it. <br />
<br />
A healer is a nice middle of the road toon. You have to know a bit about the fights, but not every last detail. I haven't had my 80 healer for long so I'm still getting used to it.<br />
<br />
My most "accomplished" toon is an 80 mage. All decked out in frost gear and ICC raid gear. It's almost a brain-dead toon to play. The rotation is two buttons and the DPS is pretty insane for such an easy rotation.<br />
<br />
Anyway, like I said, find a nice casual guild with folks you get along with and just have fun. It's way less stressful if you're talking on vent. And, again, I'm glad I'm not the only oldster playing! LOL.