Orc Prot Warrior

well lately Ive heard prot warriors are lesser tanks then others and im here to say not if you know what your doing. ive been told that since bc and ive never had problems tanking its all about key bindings anyone will have trouble if you cast abilities with your mouse those few split seconds when switching  over to next available rotation ability can kill your threat. key bind your abilities in a way that make it so you cast with the push of a button and dont have to move your hand much at all. the quicker you hit abilities off the better threat generation you will have. its all about using the abilities your speced into im speced aoe so i no matter if its a single mob or a multi mob pull i use my aoes in rotation. that is unless the fight calls for me not to.
Bignc Bignc
22-25, M
May 14, 2012