Well, I am not a serious player but I enjoy WoW.  But I seem to have problems sticking with one class.  My highest level is a L26 Hunter but I no longer play that main character.  I'm trying to play my L20 Priest because I want to get involved in more social play and everyone seemed to want healers and not Hunters.

I've gone through binge/purge periods with WoW, playing intensely for 2 weeks, and then walking away from the addiction for 2 months.  I wish I could regulate the play a bit more, but there are so many other things in my life that its hard to justify spending time in Azeroth...I wish I had more in-game friends, but maybe its just as well I don't otherwise I'd have less time with my out of game friends.
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i can't stick with one either. i have so many diff classes on so many diff realms. there is a lot involved in that game. i am no good at wow. i like to kill things. my rl sucks so i play wow to take out frustrations. although i don't get to do that much cause i suck at wow too. my boys are both good at the game. and people try to help me but i still suck. so i collect pets and do quests and bgs. <br />
i will play with you if you want. add me to your circle and msg me if you want to. we can switch toons and go be sucky together.

Um! I feel the same! Personally, the people I have met on WOW are better friends than my IRL friends! USUALLY. But ya, I cant decide on a class either, ever!

what server u play on?? lol

Trust me on this....out of game friends are much more important that ingame friends. Just enjoy the game and don't make it your life. Somewhere there is a fine line there, and once it's crossed, it's very hard getting back.