Got Tempted So Many Times And Has Become Part Of My Life.

Well sort of...

First off, I've some positive and negative rant about WoW. This is only my opinions and what I've experienced. What I say and experience may not agree with your POV, so please do respect that.

Aye, I play World of Warcraft, started this 6 months ago thanks to the ad, popping up from time to time. I thought I was gonna give it a try for fun and experience what's all the fuss about the addiction and such. The thing is, I played it and loved it. In fact, I am a bit of a fan of the game, I first started out as a Blood Elf warlock, then went exploring further with Worgen Death Knight and then a bit to Goblin Hunter... And then, I waited for Mists of Pandaria. Now, I am playing a level 86+ Pandaren Hunter (because I love this class). Yeah, quite addictive. But, unlike a few others who play 40+ hours everyday (or weeks), I've a tendency of playing it for 7-8 hours (that should be enough for one day! Not sure how many can play for 10 to 20 or 24 hours a day or everyday, playing only max 9 hours give me a headache and sickness (dizziness), my eyes hurt and then to stomach ache.

I mean, I can stop playing if I wish. I just feel people who play it frequently such as everyday in 10+ hours should consider about their health. Taking a break is always a good thing :).
But by all means, I understand the addiction, the game is big and has a variety of quests and achievements you can gain.
I love how the game graphic and setting are, quite impressive actually. The only downside is the cloning of the enemies....... You could think with a big company like Blizzard with plenty of designers, it shouldn't cost much to instead of using same character but pasting new colors and names on them, how about create a bit different character for once??
For instance, a giant monster you find in this quest, on the next quest the monster is similar to the previous, but with different names and colors. -_-'... No creativity at all. But yeah, no butthurting here, I can live with this "recycling" of the characters.

ALSO, what I have experienced and disliked the most in the game is a potential trolls and rudeness. I can't believe I have a run in with an *******/***** who simply told me to "**** off" cause I had to high level to complete the quest I was supposed to get it done for few days ago, I was at level 70+ something and this quest was at Outland (Zangarmarsh). The individual simply called me "n00b" and such. I suppose the bastard was pissed cause I did the same quest as the individual and possibly may steal his/her monsters he/she was suppsoed to slay.

Errhhh....I have no idea that someone acts like they OWN the ******* quest(s).
FYI, "n00b" isn't a proper word, in fact it doesn't exist in the dictionary unless you are gonna find a slang..."n00b" my @$$, I have played the game longer than the individual (this person's level was only at 60+). Talk about being rude.

Anyway, I understand with an online game like this, you are more likely to encounter good and super bad players here. Most people I have encountered in the game usually are polite and know how to act like a decent player, instead of an uncivilized monkey taken straight from a jungle.
Nobody respects each other, I dread the most when playing the Dungeon quests cause people are so ******* greedy, take items/weapons they don't use or as it's not for their class and then leave! D8< Ugh! Loot Ninja!
Very unfair for those who need that armour, weapons etc.

I usually buy weapons and armours in the auction house, less to deal with loot ninja, cause you have little chance on getting the items you need when playing the Dungeons.

Ignoring trolls, and greedy bastards, you will have a great experience with WoW, just ensure that you take a break, go out and social with friends, and importantly put other important things as a top priority before the game. Cause I fear, if you don't have control of your gaming pleasure, I believe it can take a hold on your life and ruin it completely.

My rant is done. Off to play WoW! :p

By the way, if anyone's wondering my username for the active account on WoW, the character is a Pandaren and her name is "Siopao" and is in Kul Tiras realm (could have chosen a different realm, but it's too late for that. I'm too damn lazy to transfer it to another).
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I used to wish soo hard that Blizz would come up with a way to have an 18 and older ONLY realm. But then I realized a lot of the trolls are over 21 :(

I think that is the bigest turn off for me about the game as well. I get so sick of the crap in trade if you ask a question (I dont even ask anything anymore, I just look it up), i quit running dungeons for the longest time because of the arse holes who would need on EVERYTHING (altho that seems to be fixed now, when i ran a couple the other day you could only need on class appropriate items).

Pretty much I keep to myself and my few friends in game. My husband and I used to have open guilds (his Alliance, mine Horde) but we got guild raped and have not let anyone in them. We have worked hard and leveld his Alliance guild (I think we just dinged 6 yesterday?) which for just 2 people is an amazing thing, took since the release of Cata to do.

I love to make friends in game, I love to get runs through dungeons, and run people through dungeons and most of all I love to RP.

i have played sense about the seicnd day of the game i have seen many changes over the years
the have dumbed the game way down to me

but they have made the game mor for soloing VS guild or groups like it use to be

you will find the worst time to play are when school is out
so for the name calling it is just a fact of life with people any place

play MISHA
and i forget the spelling of my monk now 87