Get It Out of My Life.. Someone

Today I went to bed at 10am. I wasn't playing til late; the last thing I did before I went to bed was the washing up. But somehow I know this devil of a game is to blame.

I woke up at 6pm to a text from a guildie. Logged on. Went to a raid -- no other tanks around, I was needed. It's now 5am and all I've done is play, eat, and watch some TV.

I have so many things I want to be doing in my life, but no energy to do any of them. Since starting to play WoW I've been diagnosed with depression, prescribed Prozac, even taken an official hiatus from my advanced degree to give me time to sort my head out.

Yet instead of sorting myself out, I continue in this circle of lethargy and insomnia, of underachievement and guilt over not doing the thousands of things I should be doing. Leaving the house is a struggle. I haven't seen my friends in weeks. I have a rich and fulfilling circle of friends online, people who I am on first name terms with, know little details about, love spending time with.

But it's no substitute for the real thing.

I can't stop. Every day I wake up and say to myself "well, if I don't log in today, maybe I will get bored and not play again". But a message or a craving or simply the desire to connect with my friends mean I load up the game before I even think about it, and once I'm in the world of Warcraft I simply can't drag myself away. It's become routine -- eat at the computer, quick bio breaks, ignoring the phone because I'm raiding.

I love the game, and I hate it. I want it out of my life, but I miss the people and the company and the little rushes you get whenever you accomplish something. I need to stop destroying myself; to live in the here and now, rather than pretend I'm an elf most of the time I'm awake.

But how?
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dam what a old post , no comment .lol this person prob isn't even playing anymore

feel ya, my love hate relationship with wow has gone so far beyond insane it's not even funny...

My boyfriend started playing this gave a few month ago, he got addicted. We only saw each other on the weekendends and all he did during the week was playing this game. Now we moved in together and he wanted to stent more time with me so he canceled his acount. Just a couple of weeks later he started playing again. But not like some other he actually has controll over his addiction. He only plays sometimes. For example when I am at work or busy with something else like cleaning and cooking. When I ask him to stop he does and spends time with me. I was thinking about tying to play it but I am scared that I 'll get addicted. I used to be addicted to SIMS and play it non stop, I was hoping that somehow the addiction will disapear but I never thought it would. But guess what just as I got a bit older I got bored and now I no longer play it. You need to keep your mind busy with other things, outside of the computer, like get a partner, make party, socialize.

You and this guy I like both...

I used to be addicted too. I have 2 epic 70 toons which I have stopped playing. I just decided one day that I was spending too much time on WoW and told everyone that I was quitting for other real life stuff. Sometimes I log on to farm some gold, but now I play on my lower lvl twinks in bgs. Like a couple of hours and thats it. I find that its not that addictive when I pvp and I get bored after a while and logoff for the night.

Hi,<br />
Just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I play WOW too (warcrack). And to make things worse, I'm a college grad and a mom. Yes, I said a mom! My husband started playing this game when we first started out, and I would hover over him begging him to get off. Sometimes he would and sometimes he wouldn't. In the meantime I was getting my degree and raising our child the best way I knew. Just this year I actually sat down and started playing and guess what.... now I'm addicted. YES! I can't believe this powerful force!!! How can a video game take over the world??? I'm serious... <br />
I finally started to realize that its not the game itself but what brings us to the game in the first place. For example, I was depressed and lonely. The game had already taken up so much of my husbands time, so I thought I would try it out if it was that good. Now I see what it does first hand. The stresses of the world seem to go away when playing WOW. You have permission to launch a weapon on soemone's head and furthermore, have permission to really do anything. There are really no boundaries per say and no real consequences like there is in the real world. Now how appealing is that? VERY! lol<br />
A world that we can slip into and out of at will or so it seems and do anything we wish. <br />
Now how does one quit this? Well, I'm still trying to figure that one out... <br />
My advice is to try to get out og the house before you turn on WOW ( as much as you dont want to). Once you turn it on, then its extremely hard to turn off. <br />
I'm personally only going to allow certain days on. This way I can get other stuff done ( you should see my house). <br />
And remember, the people you meet on there usually have issues too. Just like you, they want people to accept them and make them feel better. But should this be the basis of friendship?<br />
Just remember you are captain of your ship....take back what is yours!!!<br />
Good Luck!!!

I read your story and i was just like you once. I played WoW for little more than two years. During all of 2006 i was practically married to my orc shaman. I've missed out on so many parties and so many possible friends/girlfriends during highschool because of that game. In January when the Burning Crusade was getting close i just stopped playing. The thought of all my hard work raiding, pvp'ing and general gear-hunting with my three level 60 characters being a waste of time was too much for me. My shaman had so much gear and routine i was pretty much invincible except against epic warlocks. With TBC all that gear would become worthless. I realized that i had been a slave to gear hunting and that the only thing driving me forward was getting better gear so i could become stronger and... uhm... get even better gear? And walk around in Orgrimmar or Ironforge and do /flex and hope that someone you dont know anyway inspects you and thinks you're cool because of all your epix. It just sounded pointless to me. Whenever you achieve something in that game you're only happy for like 2 minutes or so. After that you already start thinking about what you're gonna get next. And Blizzard keep making patches so this never ends. I felt like my time had been wasted and i felt like a slave to leveling and gear hunting and i felt bored as hell. I knew i was missing out on my youth and virtual friendships can never compromise for friendship with real people. You mostly talk with WoW'ers about WoW and nothing else. I did anyway.<br />
I simply stopped playing though i hadn't even planned to. Longer and longer time passed between my visits to Azeroth and every time i came online my guild would freak out in the guild chat and say "OMG SKRALLA life". I just didn't know what to say and at some point my subscription ran out and i havent paid for a new one yet. It's been 7 months and i have only missed playing WoW a few times but then i remember that life is too short for being a slave to gear-hunting. I have gotten new friends and new hobbies and i feel good.

It's one thing to just play a simple game, it's another to feel as if you're helping other people out and being a part of a group. <br />
<br />
I've always thought that was the main part of the addiction with this game. My husband plays and I see how useful he feels when he's helping out fellow "guildies". What pride he has in knowing things, being able to teach...etc<br />
<br />
I agree with myspip. :) Try and distract yourself with something more fun.

It is not easy; many of my friends are addicted to games, and I used to play lots of games too (WoW, Rome:TW, CS etc). <br />
Many people might just say: Why don't you just erase your character, uninstall the game, and unplug your network cable. But you know, We know, that it is not that simple.<br />
<br />
<br />
One need to do this gradually...<br />
See if you can find some Game-addict helping internet group/forum to get you started. Tell your friends to be more persistant so that they force you to go out with them. The reason why one is addicted is because it is fun to play games (and not so fun when not playing them); but if you find something that is even more fun that playing games, you will gradually decrease you game-playing time :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Think like this: It is not only in WoW you can accomplish things; there are many more things in life you can accompish. Start having a real hobby that you share with your friends. You will make it!<br />
<br />
<br />
just 3 month ago I played 1-2 hour of computer each day (that's nothing compared to some), but now I never play games once a week, and I'm feeling fine. That is because I have other fun things to do elsewhere :)<br />
<br />
<br />
Trust me, you will be fine.<br />
If you need anything/talk to someone, I'll be here for you!