Gold Spam Status

It's obvious gold spammers are running out of options. Thank god for that.. One still ponders why Blizzard hasn't enabled a limit on the amount of invites and talking per hour for trial accounts. I don't think it would be difficult, do you?

For whatever reason, Blizzard has allowed these gold spammers enough room to advertise to anyone interested. Take into account this game has been on the market for 3 YEARS now. Anyone with the slightest inclination to buy gold will see an advertisement soon enough to decide to buy gold, but not soon enough to be considered spam.

We don't need them, and Pre-BC gold farmers would an extreme nuissence. At least the variety of locations to farm have been extended drastically with The Burning Crusade. Over the months since BC I and others have found many great farming spots. There are some efficent methods to earn gold yourself, which I have a blog on. If you're interested, and I would completely suggest it over EVER buying gold.

An hypothesis might be that Blizzard wants to keep the sales from new accounts gold sellers use, while not appearing to tolerate them. However, would they really sacrifice their player's experience for most likely minor profits? Personally I see the evidence pointing to yes, they have turned the blind eye, but it's not like they personally receive most of the money.. So why diminish the qaulity of their own creation. Unless it was a direct request via Vivendi...
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2007

I have been back on WOW for three weeks now after being away for three years. They still had my husbands and my account so we reopened them. When we played three years ago we used to buy gold which became a very bad habit This time though I put my foot down and told my husband we won't do that again. I see now we don't have to with the new expansions. It is so much more fun and rewarding to earn everything you have then to buy it. I won't fall into that hole again of buying gold. Whenever I get spamed from people selling gold I always turn them in. It just seems so silly now to buy game money with real money.

Totally agreed. I personally don't play WOW, although many of my friends do. And, yes, the gold spammers suck... In IF people are already talking a lot, and with the Spammers the channel gets flooded... arwgh!