It's What Time?!?

Hey guys,

Well, I told myself I wouldn't do it. But when my friends starting raving about WoW. I checked it out at the store.  It was only $19.99.  So I had nothing to lose... yeah nothing but HOURS AND HOURS of my time.  I was immediately hooked and ran out and bought BC.  My main is a Night Elf Hunter and I love her.  I was so proud when she hit 40 and I had saved up enough gold to buy her a mount.  I have alts too.  Lately I have been leveling up my Draenei warrior.  He's a 23 now.  He's great.  He's all big and beefy.  He just walks up and whacks things.  With my hunter I have to be more subtle and use my pet to best advantage. I think I will level up my priest next.  What's your favorite class? 

BabyCrockett BabyCrockett
36-40, F
1 Response Jul 1, 2007

My raiding main is a Mage. I started with a Warrior. She's now level 67, having been bypassed by a rogue, a priest and a warlock...all level 70s.