Yeah, I Play

Im mostly Alliance, I have a 46 NE hunter, a 29 NE rogue, a 39 human Pally, and a 21 human priest (never really liked healers)
I dont believe im truely 'addicted' yet (i can still go 24 hours w/o thinking about it), but I fear im not too far off lol
DanteofAvalon DanteofAvalon
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 19, 2007

don't worry, a priest is about the worst character in the game! apart from lvl 1 minions!!<br />
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my priest is lvl 70 (main), and he can solo sm up to the cath, can't seem to work the cath, or maybe it is just my pc with lag!<br />
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but they aren't good for solo'ing most of the lower lvl instances, like I got 11 points in holy, so I can use holy nova, as it makes doing dm a sinch! as you can pull nearly the whole of all rooms, and kill them all in one go, otherwise it would take longer than a low lvl group being a total shadow priest.<br />
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but I find a priest isn't the way to go, as you nearly always need a party to lvl. which also mean's it takes longer to lvl, like taken me about 9 months of nearly playing solid to get to lvl 70, and have a lvl 22, lvl 17, lvl 15, and a lvl 10, but since april then I have either been off the game, getting rep, or lvlling my other characters.<br />
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so yes, I play wow, but it isn't my cup of tea now I got a lvl 70, as it gets more boring, as you aren't trying to lvl.<br />
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only things left to lvl are: rep, tailoring, enchanting, fishing, and cooking. but mainly been using my main to get all the items needed for my alts skills, as it is 1,000 times quicker!!