Horde Rules :-)

I've played WoW off and on for a few months.. it's pretty fun. But my highest level character is 26, and then I have 2 level 18s. I dunno, when I get to a higher level, I have to go to these areas where all these level 70 alliance people hang out and think it's cool to kill me when I'm just trying to do a quest. I'm like, leave me the **** alone!
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Well, I think I just don't like PVP very much.. I like to just go around and do the quests and stuff. So I think that WOW is probably not for me. I've stopped playing for a while anyway since this is my last semester of grad school and I don't really have time for it.

yeah, horde are just the same on trollbane, in STV, but you do come across some nice pla<x>yers, that even though they are horde will actually help kill some quest mobs for you as well.<br />
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so really it depends on the person on the other pc!! like one of our guild rules is that we aren't allowed to kill horde more than 10 lvl's below us, so you would be safe, well reasonably!! doesn't mean we can't play!!<br />
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like I got a lvl 70 shadow priest, and if I am helping a lower lvl, then I will give warning shots at horde, (usually a spell that is of lower lvl, but enough to show them I mean business) or heal the person with me, so that they can go for the kill, but if they just walk by, then I will leave them alone.<br />
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or if a horde is in an area that I got a q, then usually end up helping them as well. like I was lvl 54 when tbc came out, so got an awful lot of q's to do for rep everywhere.<br />
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well when I say horde are the same in stv, they were lvl 60 when I was lvlling there, as tbc wasn't even due to be announced, let alone released.<br />
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but I am finding lvl 70 horde there now, but not as bad as it used to be when lvlling my main. I mainly come across lvl 70 horde lvlling guild members, or helping people, it isn't so much of a done thing now.

well... they're just returning the favor of how yall are in STV on the Nathrezim server