Choosing Between Horde and Alliance

I usually play Horde and my main is a level 49 orc hunter on Norgannon. But I've recently added some Alliance characters, and now I'm not sure which side I like better. Aahhhhh!!!!!! Help!!!

My Alliance main character is a level 19 draenei hunter on Norgannon. Of course, I have several other toons in between those two..

Anyway, World of Warcraft is the best game ever!


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8 Responses Jul 26, 2007

HORDE for the win =) <br />
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I want to play a Horde character but everyone I know is alliance and it sucks leveling by yourself! Am I the only one who feels that way? Maybe I just hate leveling.

Horde for two resons 1 the horde has a way better story line and the allinace is just gnomes right

It's because most pla<x>yers start on Alliance, go through their noob phase, then go Horde. This is why you'll find most of the noobs on Alliance, and also why they outnumber us. Not that I play this game anymore...

I love the Horde. I have played both sides. Now I do not want to make anyone mad here but it seems to me the people playing on the Horde side seem to be a lot friendlier. I have had to many bad experiances with people on the other side. Don't get me wrong now there are good people on both sides but it just seems to me the Horde is a lot friendlier. My main is Awnee a Hunter on the Thunderhorn server. She is lvl 61 right now. I started a Death knight who is now lvl 66 and I love her. Awnee will always be my main though since she was my first Horde toon.

Die ally scum..Horde is much more fun to play. I was a human alliance up til level 10, my main is a Blood Elf Pally at moment level 55, now i am also Blood Elf Death Knight level 56, I have an undead warrior level 6 all on Caelstrasz

yes, I found the alliance to like wasting gold in places like dm, and sm.<br />
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seems like they get to lvl 70, then re-roll, and offer to join groups, and then faff around in the instances, so the new pla<x>yers are loosing all their money, just for trying to lvl, and also get better items for their first characters. either that or they pay cash for game gold!<br />
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but saying that even though I got a lvl 70 shadow priest, I have found a fair amout of q's are bassed around horde camps.<br />
<br />
like at the moment, I am doing all the q's I missed while lvlling, also outland q's when my money is looking a bit sad :) (always!!)<br />
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after sm, then I never really went into instances with a group, apart from guild members, so couldn't say what they are like in higher lvl instances.<br />
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but as far as the q's go, blizzard does seem to be on the horde side!!

You like the Horde better! The Hooooooorde!<br />
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Seriuosly, I hate the atmosphere on the alli side; I rolled a Dwarf and a Draenei to experience 'the other side' (still got and play the Draenei)- hordies seem so much more respectful and 'grown-up'. Dunno, have you found that?