I'm New to It

But I am absolutely addicted!!!  I have had it for about a month now and just leveled to 37.  I am playing a Troll Hunter.  She is awesome.  I love having a pet that attacks with me, and doing combat from a far is also very nice.

My husbands friends keep laughing at him, because he has been playing for a little longer than me and he is only at level 27.  I have met a few people in the game that are really nice.  I had a mission in an instance and was getting my butt kicked so I ran out.  I sat there drinking and eating and a guy walked up and asked if I wanted him to run me through it.  That was absolutely awesome!    I like the whole you shoot I loot thing.  It was the first time I had ever played with anyone else, so that was cool. 

Anyways I am definately addicted.  Right now I am so upset because it is Tuesday morning so it is down until 11.  What am I going to do?  Work?

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

my son played it for a while. I think that you can talk to folks in the game is cool. My son thought that I thought that was dorky : )

Yeah after level 60 the game started losing it's appeal. After 70 I couldn't keep myself interested in the game anymore. But damn, was it ever fun while it lasted! Best game ever made, imho.

Haha.. The weekly maintenance! I remember reading web sites about what people do during that time one week. It's bloody crazy how frustrating it can be when you're deep in play.<br />
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There's 1 solution though that works a treat.. Private servers! Just google "wow private servers" etc. There's loads and loads. Some are just like the blizzard ones, others have 10x exp, 10x gold. <br />
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You can also read up on your warcraft lore or learn about some instances.. Ahh I miss WoW. But I miss the old WoW days. I found the game got worse as time went on and I never bothered to get into WotLK.