Sorta Addiction

I do play but I'm one of those binge players.  I'll get into something like quest chain or a NEED to level and I'll play for days, maybe weeks on end.  Every spare moment will be dedicated to WoW.  Then suddenly I'm not interested anymore and I only get on when other people get on.  It's crazy.  I currently am level 65 (as of this post).  That was a little over a week of play.  I know that's not impressive but the first four levels came when I had two days off of work in a row when the expansion was released.  I'm not currently playing now but when I would take the bird somewhere I'd get on here and write for a bit.  I'm so lame.

Lvl 65 Troll Priest: Zenzaya: Staghelm. 

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4 Responses Jan 25, 2007

You're not "lame." You're among a very large number of people that are having problems with this game and self-control. Actually, it sounds like you aren't doing TOO do at least take RL "breaks."

AAAGH you're a belf!!! do you pvp?<br />
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don't worry, i created my gnome warlock in Feb 07 and as of May 1st she's only 60.

Understand! You're not the only one. I wonder if its helpful to think about RL goals as quests or chains of quests. I think people who are into WoW are into achieving goals and finishing quests, things that are measurable and clear, vs. all the stuff of Real Life. Can we break down big, fuzzy, intangible things in real life into smaller quests with measureable rewards? Please don't race to L70, at least stop and smell the roses, and find some RL quests to complete. :) Good luck.