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i play wow, but none of my friends IRL do, so i dont get to talk about it w/ peeps much so i figured wut better place to chat it up :) share with me!!! give me an outlet to relieve the wow monster!
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I'm not sure what kind of Guilds either of you belong to, but having a good one is like having another family.<br />
Our guild uses a Ventrilo server so we can all talk in real time. It is so much easier than typing and you definately develop relationships through it. <br />
I am lucky, my husband and I both play and some of our friends as well. However we have one guildmate who is from Spain and at least four that I have never met, but know pretty well.

Yea i don't know anyone who plays it IRL either. It sucks cause i'll be telling my friends about my new pvp spec for the bgs or epic sets and they have no clue what i'm talking about lol. Most of the time i don't get to talk about it with anyone.