yes it is true....if you have questioned my absence theres your culprit lol  i love to play   unfortunatly my free 30 day trial is up tomorrow and i still havent been employed anywhere =/ so i have to cancel my subscription  till i get a game card. i play with lastleafoffall and angeleyes2009  and they rock  so far in a month  i got on 3 servers

thrall- lvl 18 undead warlock (norgain) guild is Phat Aggression    journeyman herbalist and a tailorer

Waymerst Accord- lvl 31 Night Elf hunter (Evaedorn) guild is Dark Trinity

Farstriders- lvl 31 Orc Hunter (Farrior) <---go steelers  guild is majestic thunder (woowoo)  and hes a journeyman miner (1 xp from expert) and a         blacksmith


needless to say its been a busy month on the compy  my but constantly hurts and i have a strained eye (swear to god  its like uber uber bloodshot)


hopefully yall havent forgot about me  i still love you all....some more than others   jk   kinda  not really well sorta   anywho lol  i hope to hear from you all soon =D

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Wymerst Accord 99% of the time and thrall

Which servers are you on?

OMG!! <br />
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I have been trying to explain the whole LEEEEEEEROY Jenkins thing to my sweetie who loves this game. <br />
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This makes me laugh every time I hear it!!