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I recently stopped playing WoW. I've gotten burned out on the game and need the time to look for another job and stuff. I'm waiting for Diablo 3 .. and maybe I can get hooked on that game.

I've been playing WoW since right before Burning Crusades. My first toon was a Orc Warlock that I leveled up and got T4 gear. Then I sold him for $350 and quit WoW for about 3 months. I then leveled a 70 Troll Mage (pom pyro and then arcane after I got two pieces of T5) and made some huge progress with my guild. About half way through Black Temple, I got burned out and raiding because it felt too much like a job, taking 3-4 hours at 3 times a week. So, I just casually played until the recent expansion, Wrath of the Liche King. I leveled a Death Knight up to 80, and did dps as Unholy. Then I tried out a max dps spec, duel weilding. Then I decided to switch to tanking. I tanked the instances and have some decent gear, but the game has lost its luster for me and I feel no real connection to my guild mates anymore. 

Every time I have stopped playing WoW, I dedicate the time I was spending raiding to doing more exercise, so its better for my health, especially in the summer, when it stays light until 8pm.

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I never got hooked on wow , i had a nooby night elf lol. I was "addicted" to this game called Tibia (i know the graphics don't even compare) but i had so many friends there and yeah that was my social life, and once i quit i feel socially autistic. Like i dont even know how to make real friends lol Such fail. <br />
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I'm glad you have more time to work on your health and stuff, that's very good for you :) I'm sure you can still play casually at times, but playing for hours and hours on end probably isn't the greatest thing :P although we do it so often when we find a game we love<br />
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I played diablo 2 and it was awesome but i guess i lost motivation to play it after a while. I dont even think i managed to finish the game = oh well, maybe 3 will rock my world :P<br />
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awesome, i have stopped playing 1 year ago, never regret it.<br />
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somethimes i just want to try and see what its is like, and if some of my "friends" still play the game.<br />
but i am happy now and i know when i start playing again i will probably lose alot ( friends, etc )<br />
, and i dont think its worth it.