It Was a Dark and Stormy Night In Booty Bay


Well it wasn’t exactly stormy but there was a lot of lightning   I was down there with a friend doing turn-ins and getting the next set of chain quests when a shout rang out across the city. “You are making me angry”   I stopped and looked around as I’m sure that wasn’t the first time I had pissed off someone in game. No one near me other than NPC’s so I continued about my business in the inn. Again another shout “You are making me angry” followed by “wolves assist me”   That is when it got interesting…   Seems three Level 80’s attacked the whole city:  yes that’s right the whole city. The trio consisted of a Draenei Shaman, a Human Paladin, and a Night Elf Druid again all level 80.   The city guards put up a good fight but with spirit wolves and zombie hordes they had no chance against the three killers. There was a lull in the fighting and my friend and I were able to interact with the three. All were cool and all were in a good mood (I guess slaughtering an entire town will do that) until a lucky little Blood Elf did the impossible.   The battle with the re-spawned guards resumed and during the fighting seems the level 80 Druid took a lot of health damage (at least below the half way mark). I level 45 Blood Elf Death Knight took a once in a lifetime opportunity to take out a level 80. He made his move and that alone was worth the ringside seats. This crazy 45 chased the 80 all over the town even out into the water and back. The guy got his kill and took out the Druid (I could not believe it) The other two players then began to hunt the blood elf and he actually hide underneath the docks.   It was a quick game of hide and seek as they found him and made him pay (about three times from the look of the skeletons) but it was the first time I saw an 80 die.   As the attack is going on I’m on our guild chat telling members what’s going on like a sports caster. One of our Guild’s level 80’s comes down to watch the fun. With all the spirit wolves and a whole horde of spawned zombies from a player unknown it did get tough following the action and along with the guards they killed all the vendors and quest givers and they didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave as they killed at least 4 re-spawns of the town so there wasn’t much I could do in regards to finishing quests our level 80 said he would run us through Scarlet Monastery which with him leading it we finished within an hour and I got plenty of loot!!!.   So I will have to say that the slaughter of a whole town was profitable in this case  




Some of the fight

There went my turn in guys....




The lull before round two

Zombie Conga Line

The Druid that got killed is above

More Action

Some of the spectators

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eeeeek i didnt know i was talking to the enemy lol you ally filth!!! lol i just looked at the pick never read the story and never payed alot of attention lol

They seem to hit it every night


I take the screen shots and load them on photobucket

How do you load your pics? The site reccommended by EP threw up so many flags that my puter did not want me to go there...

There is so much damn chaos here, I can't follow what's happening!! But it looks like some damage was done.