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Scarlet Monastery is one of those places where multiple players have told me I need to go for a raid. Well I can now say I have done SM and I made out like a bandit but I found out just how pissy some players can be   I have so far only gone on two dungeons before this not counting Gnomeragen   I have gone on the raid into the Stormwind Stockade with a level 80 and One rum through the Dead Mines as the healer (I was the highest level on that one)   So this was the first time as the in a group of 4 where I wasn’t the lowest. I ran in with my usual partner (a level 44) my friend the level 80 and someone he knew a level 30   So it starts off with the 80 running in and killing EVERYTHING!!! I did not even fire more than ten shots through the whole zone. I ended up with all the killing getting about 90 EP per guy the 80 killed. Which put me about 10,000 closer to the next level. The 30 hit 31 half way through. The money I picked up equaled about 11 gold overall. I’ll get to the gear in a sec…   Well I’ve said that I’ve been very short staffed in the gear department and at 36 (at the time) I’ve been running on level 15 gear for the most part so this was a big opportunity for me. The first “kill zone” dropped two big drops one of which was a weapon. I hit need (wouldn’t you?)      Well then I started getting politely chewed out for taking a weapon better suited for the level 30, I would take such a cuss out from friends but strangers well, screw that BUT I am here thanks to someone else (the 80) so I take my butt chewing in silence…   and I gave up on a lot of good loot so the ******* 30 could get it   I did come out with new gear and new weapons so it wasn’t a total **** over, plus I got the points and money   But for the rest of the night I would only buff levels not 30 or 31… lol  


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In WoW, as in any forum online, you'll run into all sorts of people. Keep on rifling through the coal and you will find diamonds, I can promise. :-)

That guy sounds like an ***. Ungrateful bastard!!

I had a guy team up on a quest I help him kill dark dwarves in the Wetlands we kill them all for the quest but the guy NEVER says anything through the whole thing I ask him stuff nothing... silence... at the end after the turn in I go "good run" he types "NO" and ports out<br />
<br />
I never did figure that one out

Yeah!! What she said!! Poo on that guy!!

Poo on that 30. I am always greatful I did not get killed. I was going to try a quest that it is recommended for 2 pla<x>yers to complete. I helped some person 2 levels below me kill several things in her quest and she did not want to group up so I left and let her get killed. People are strange.

She's very goddess-like. I'm digging her skin coloring and her hair. She's got it goin' on.<br />
<br />
A total bad-***.