Finally Drama With a Payoff


In the last two weeks I have gone through some drama in the game but in the end it paid off.       To begin with I left the Guild that the majority of my real life friends belong to. For reasons I won’t get into I departed from all the drama that seemed to be happening there. As of this writing no one has noticed. But this story still has a happy ending…       The morning after I dropped the guild I was in Ironforge doing auctions. I just so happened to glance over at the trade chat at the right moment to see someone post that they were selling a Guild. I was kind of shocked to see it as this was the first time I had noticed anyone doing that. It took a couple of seconds for me to whisper to the seller to ask how much. She replied with a 50g answer and again I paused to think it over. I asked if there were members in the guild still as I couldn’t imagine why someone would sell one. She told me that had been a bank guild with only one tab and that she was the only member but she followed that up with that she thought she had a buyer already. I wished her good luck and said that if that deal fell through I would be interested in buying it and I would offer 60 gold.       She after about two minutes sent me a whisper saying that if the other person didn’t “hurry up” then we would have a deal. I asked the name of the guild and she said “Muffin Cult”     The name was perfect… I immediately offered 70g and she sold it to me right then and there…     So now I am a Guild Master…     Ok I’ve heard a few haters say “Why would you buy one why not start one up?”     So for all the haters, I didn’t want to waste my time recruiting 9 players or have to bride people into signing a charter so as they say in chat STFU lol     I have set to upgrading the guild and have added 2 more tabs to the bank and designed a tabard.               My intentions are to still add 2 more tabs to the bank down the road as Muffin Cult shall rule…          I waited till my roommate woke up that morning (this all went down at about 4am) and added him to the guild and promoted him. We then set about adding my alts and he left one of his alts as a member. When CK got up I added her main and alts. Though I had the intention of keeping it simply for the bank space I have added one other player (a level 80) who has convinced me to turn it into a “real” guild. With that in mind, CK and I have started to level up our alts for more than just bank/mail toons. In one night alone, 3 of my alts went to ten (My priest, my mage and my second druid).                     Last night CK and I leveled our Death Knights to 58 and broke away from the Lich King adding them to the guild.         I twinked mine out with new bigger bags, glyphs and money. Our level 80 wants to start up a DK raiding guild and though I don’t fully understand, he wants us to keep them below level 60.     I went back to my first toon Veri and re-spec’d her and did an overnight grind to level 51.             Of course most of this went down before the Call of the Crusade patch that came in this past Tuesday. I both love and hate that patch. I love it for all the reductions in level and price for obtaining mounts. My main already had her then level 60 epic (three in fact) so all I had to get her after the patch was her flying mount. It ran me about 570g for the training and 47g for the mount itself. I picked up Veri’s epic cat that night but I have to really work on her reputation as she isn’t exalted with anyone yet (Andoriaale is exalted with both the Night Elves and Dwarfs and I want to work on the Gnomes to get a chicken).     I also love the new mailboxes and some of the class changes. I don’t love the new colors for the druid animal forms my cat form went from dark purple to PINK, so Veri has a new hair color.     I also hate the change to the Paladin spell exorcism though I understand the reasoning. Yeah it’s great to use the spell against other players but the new “cast time” sucks ***…         I did pick up one of the new pets the game added. Someone put up a new Raptor Hatchling in the AH with a high buy out price but a LOW bid rate… I waited until the auction went short and bid and won the little sucker       One of my hopefully upcoming activities will be to run my 2 horde toons at least to level ten. So far I have been using them for auction work and mail storage. One of the more fun activities I did was run my poor little level 6 warlock     all the way to Booty Bay and Westfall. I got to do one of those ever popular “naked runs” in order to test a theory regarding the Alliance “only” quest for the Westfall Chicken vanity/companion pet     Our little pet mafia decided to see if it was possible for a Horde player to get the pet if the one true Alliance aspect of the quest was removed. The special chicken feed that is required normally must be purchased from the Alliance side farmer so we bought feed did a transfer and went to see if a Horde player could do the request. Well this would have been a bit easier to find out had the level 60 player had not been “shy” about clucking for the chicken. So my toon made the run to Westfall. Well we did find out that yes Horde can get the pet so we in our wisdom decide to sell the special chicken feed in the Horde auction house and make a killing…   Ok yeah we found out that the feed isn’t so special after all as it is sold in Brill…     So much for the sites like Thottbot saying Alliance only   Hey Thottbot… UPDATE!!!   Now like a subsidized farmer I’m sitting on a bunch of chicken feed damn it…
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That chicken feed costs 8 copper... destroy it. It's not worth the bank space.

NAKED RUNS!!! I love those. Especially the unintentional ones through Blackrock and The Battle of Chapel Hill. *Teehee*