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I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh! but I could never find anyone to duel against. So last year, when I found my deck, which had my treasured card, The Red Eyes Zombie Dragon (I love dragons, so what), I sold my deck to my anime and art club so my deck could live in a better home and would be cherished forever. Sadly, recently, I found out that some freshmen have their Yu-Gi-Oh! decks and are willing to play. I could have dueled with them, but sadly, I can't anymore. I don't have my deck anymore. BUT I still play Yu-Gi-Oh! in my head. Sadly, it's not the same. Why do I have to sell my deck?! I'm a really sad person.
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Wow I'm so sorry I still have my deck and I wish I had people 2 duel with there mine brother but it not the same u should get new ones

i know how feel i use to play at the card shop we use to have at what age should same one stop playing yugioh

I think it's up 2 u I mean nothing wrong with plating with thing for your child hood so yeah So I guess your 2 old when u lose your childhood spirt

i still have mine but who would want to duel a 30 old

A lot of people I mean ther are a lot of people who do a lot of think weirder then play yugioh

i wish i could find same one

Yeah me 2

we had a card shop in eden but closed years ago i want to use my blue eyes white dragon one more time

Maybe u should find someone and get them into playing it

should it use the new god cards i have i can try but i don't know if any one plays yugioh here

Where do u live

eden nc

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i am sorry to here that i put my deck in a card book

I know what you mean I bulit a new deck the cards where amazing but the deck did not mean much to me like my old ones did. I keep losing ever so often like I would win 3 lose 3 it was 50/50 but with my old deck I would win 22/23 and I could customise when ever I wanted this one I could not customise it im not use to losing I was goining to quit until I read your story and I realisd I could not stand to be away from my cards so im just going to bulid a deck like my old one I hope you get some new cards maybe one day I will dual you and who cares what anyone else thinks anime and yugioh are great if you like it your family should support your intrest and stuff and thanks for the confadance boost reall need to read your story

Oh I didn't realize that my story helped you. That's interesting I don't think any of my stories have an impact on someone before. Well, ya, I gotta get a new deck even though it's gonna be an emotional pain if I don't connect with one. Ya, don't sell your deck if you feel it's the time to give it away. Good luck

Also, so what if you lose. When you lose, think of it as a learning experience. Like "oh I could use this card to help bring this monster's ATK points go up." or "I could use this monster as a bluff and use this trap to get my opponent's monster." it's basically like how you do your strategies, but your mind is a little bit more aware of what works and what doesn't. Good luck ^_^

Easy buy some new cards

But it's more complicated than it sounds. I need to grow an attachment da new deck, which is hard cuz my parents think da whole anime thing is for children

no it is not i am 30 years old i have yogioh and pokemon cards