Only During Free Time Though...which Is Sometimes A Lot!

Yes, I duel constantly when I have the time. I use a deck from my favorite characters from each of the three series of Yu-Gi-Oh! And they are Yugi, and I use his deck. Jaden from GX, and I use the E-heroes. And latest, which is Crow, from 5D's, and he uses the Blackwings. I do too. So yeah, I duel, and so do a lot of people around me, including some teachers. O~O'

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5 Responses Feb 14, 2010 know that GX sucked. You're in denial! I have to admit that 5D's is awesome (I love dragons and motorcycles. So what?) BUT NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL! You do know that you weren't specific of which of Yugi's deck you have.

Oh it's a combination of both Yugi's decks. Dats a good thing :) Jaden is eh. I mean I thought he wuz awesome wen he duel, then I started getting tired of him. Wen he dueled in Bonds Beyond Time movie, it wuz alrite I guess.

hahah i used to do that in middle school .. i think i still got the cards somewhere

i use cards from all threeseasons i have the winged dragon of ra and a bunch of other good cards like chazs armed dragon

hi bro i use vwxyz cards but not chazz's deck! lol

hi i duel and use a vwxyz deck but not like chazz,s :))