I Won't Claim I Was Very Good

But I did get scouted by U Conn once! I think really I had more enthusiasm than skill!

Lampwick Lampwick
51-55, M
8 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I enjoyed basketball. I really enjoyed watching the field hockey games! All that sweating and grunting and those plaid skirts!

my basket and doors are closed for repairs. don't know when they'll be open again lol

i played basketball in junior high and field hockey in highschool!

I can go backdoor too.

Okay. It's true. I was a God of the Roundball. LOL!<br />
Can I make a drive to your basket sometime?

but at least they were looking. most guys probably can't say that.

Yeah. My little "glory days" moment. Looked at was as far as it got.

u conn was looking at you? that's pretty impressive!