I was always the kid with a plan. If everybody could just do what they were supposed, what I thought of at any given moment for any given problem, we would be fine. But they didn't. I've yet to meet anyone with a head like mine.

With a small team, it was easier. Easier to keep track and control of everything and everyone, even if the team against us was larger. It's not unlike dodge ball, where I'd hang bang until it was just me and a few others on my side, and no matter how many people stood on the other side, we could win.

That's why I'm writing a story called Fortress Race. It's optimized Capture the Flag, upgraded for late-teens and young adults. It's the perfect game, and though I may not win, I'm going to have a hell more of a fighting chance than I ever did playing with people who weren't me. I'm also going to have more of a fight, since I'm fighting against myself.
mononoaware mononoaware
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013