Shadow People

Not quite 3 yet, Hall light on the left as well as the closet door. Headboard was on the opposite wall. Got put to bed and that's when they appeared. Two of them on the east wall past my feet. Having just been put to bed, I knew this was something to remember.
They both peeled off the wall and moved to the foot of the bed. The man shadow lifted his arm, said hello, then goodbye.
The female shadow came around and actually sat down across my legs.
I screamed. She disappeared. No satisfactory answer have i found for that one.
I am not all that big on paranormal, but there will always be something we cannot explain.
Perhaps some swamp gas caused an electrical storm that reflected the effects
of the peizolectric effect against some people that not understood.
Akaterr Akaterr
Sep 18, 2011