Katawa Shoujo

When. I first played this game I thought it wouldn't affect me a game about some girls that. Are different I thought it would be funny because it was by four leaf studios (4chan) but as I played I became friends with a odd girl with no arms named rin and as the game whent on I found myself getting actually sad (made me have lots of feels)and then I foundout that there are any people that you can meet in this game so I want to 100% it all but as finish rins good ending I see that as I restart I and follow a different story line I feel like I'm cheating on rin and it makes me sad my girlfriend says that this souldnt affect. Me this much but I feel as if I hurt her even when its not even in the story anymore (I had too many feels) and I find that I feel sorry for rin but as I played emis story** (spoiler)** there is a moment where you and emi are having sex and rin walks in it made me feel as if I was cheating on her and I find it harder to complete this game ........this game is one of the bedt iv plaued hell it can make a soulless bastard like me feel sad and guilty
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I know that feeling bro, it's never "Just a game" it's art and beutifull storytelling.
If she doesn't understand then you should sugjest that she should try it.

Soldier on.

P.S. I was loafing around the official Katawa Shoujo forums a while back and came accross something the creator of Rins story said; "Rins story has no true ending by defult, to find the actual ending... I will leave that up to you, the reader"

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