Last Wednesday

I have theme days with my niece, well actually nieces but one in particular is always around. We have Wednesday's where we have different cookies or fruits and we play games that I am teaching her and do crafts. She had watched her older cousins playing Monopoly earlier with me and she didn't get to play, although she moved my little doggie around the board as she cheerfully barked like a dog or howled when she would land on something that required a card. It was very cute. I love my nieces and nephews and I do love the time I spend with them. Monopoly is a game that we enjoy so it is part of our life. Oh Life is another game I need to teach her. :)
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4 Responses Mar 18, 2012

Toddler Version, huh? Let's face it, I'd still lose. <br />
<br />
Quite an inventive twist to Monopoly, though, I'll give you that one.

Its a fun game !

LMBO we pay the "toddler version" which allows them to move their token on the board wherever they want and to hold it in their little chubby hands all they want.

Hey, Monopoly is a great game. I'd ask to join in, but unfortunately I'm terrible at it, so I'll just cut my losses.