I Didnt... But I Want To!!!

Explain the rules!! :D

and dose it have to be the victoria line?... the victoria line is always mean to me :(

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"Sitting in an office overlooking the Tower of London - so one has to wear a pin stripe suit doesn't one!! Anything else jsut isn't cricket."<br />
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so the closest tube is London bridge.

tight boxers not white unless they are immaculate!.. I thought you did say London bridge!..

I never mentioned London Bridge - now I am worried lol How did you know?!<br />
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Ok platform 15 and a half (ok either 15 or 16) - I will watch out for a stranger with a camera taking pics as the dustbin lid lifts....<br />
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Let's find out how many pin stripes you spot?!<br />
<br />
You might have uncovered an underground (no pun intended) / fetish movement here and will be able to sell your photographs in brown paper bags for zillions.<br />
<br />
What type of underwear should a man (in your fantasy) wear with his pinstripe?!

True :) I enjoy it... your the stalker!!!!!!...<br />
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*hides in a dustbin in London bridge*


woop! :)

I'll take millions

take pictures lala I need some new material! ;) LMAO!... oh god I disgust myself... *hangs head in shame!*

OMG Im off to London Bridge to stalk you.

*jaw drops* You wear pinstripes!....<br />
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its even more funny when the 2 having the argument are squished together... and cant get away from each other!<br />
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yea I hate that... why cant they try another door or wait 4mins for the next train!

Sitting in an office overlooking the Tower of London - so one has to wear a pin stripe suit doesn't one!! Anything else jsut isn't cricket.<br />
<br />
Ohh an armpit - can you distinguish between those 'pits' that havent been 'washed' for a few days and the diiferent types of deoderants used? This summer you might want to carry out a survey noting the brands and their effectiveness in combating that wet sweaty stain! Would ceratinly kill time whilst you are wedged between two Mr Pinstripes!<br />
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The other thing that makes me smile are the mobile phone arguments - had one the other night. Girlfriend giving her man grief for having brought her mother flowers but never having brought her flowers! She lost all sense of vocal control - got loud and I think she actually forgot she was on a train. She was not happy and at the end the entire carraige was quiet listening to her - it was like a soap opera!<br />
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And another thing - dont you get peed off when people trying to get on a packed carriage shout for everyone to 'please move down' - there is no bloody room to move into!

Hahaha I hate being those situations! However I normally get an armpit in my face.<br />
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Please say you were wearing a pinstriped suit!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!! OMGOODNESS THAT IS HILARIOUS!!... I love watching things like that....<br />
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do you wear a pinstripe suit?

Excuse me both but you seem to be monopolising this discussion! The topic also seems to have changed from packed tube train to men in pin stripes suits with sweaty crotches! Well may only be sweaty if on Northern line - certainly the worse for sweat factor.<br />
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Lucky that I am tall (6'4'') so if I am close to the doors when they open I can 'wedge' myself in using my head!<br />
<br />
I had to smile the other day as a man and women were uncomfortably squidged together 'face to face' to teh extent that 90% of their body mass was in contact. It was quite amusing as they did not know where to look for the entire journey - anywhere but at each other!<br />
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She was quiet attractive and I did wonder if he wa reciting the premiership football teams so as to prevent anything unwanted happening!

sounds like a plan batman!

grab a hold of the cute guy with pinstripes like its a slushy movie where the hero is parting from the heroin (you) and you don't want him to leave... or.. he has saved you from your death of being pushed off train and you give him the wistful look and swoon at his feet (get squished against his crotch).

Aw bless you, it's hard not to sometimes, I manage to squash myself where the doors curve, Im short enough to fit in, sometimes it's good, but when the doors open and I fly out, it's not so good

awww well I wouldn't have pushed you out!! :)

Haha that would be so funny, although it normally happens to me.

I KNOW!!... its like when your in an argument and you think to yourself if they say 1 more thing I WILL BLOW!!... and all you wanna do is blow.. but they don't say anything and your left feeling unsatisfied.

funny how some things just don't work out the way you want tyco!

ha ha ha well the other night I did have to push my way out the door taking some man with me cause he refused to move.... I wanted the train doors to close on him for being a ****!... but alas they didn't..


I played on the Jubilee Line only the other week - from Canary Wharf to Southwark at about 8.15. It was brilliant, very cosy - but no space to see crotches or wedding rings - but there were a couple of pin stripe suits - very yummy!!

Or the best one, for when Im in a mood, 'accidental stamp on foot', that one's good for getting out some anger

HA HA HA HA oh lala, that sounds exactly like my kind of game!

I love playing 'accidental grope', that's always a good game when it's proper packed

it wasn't lol

Haha lovely

I actually did play sardines on the Victoria line and also the Picadilly line last night.... no crotches, but I did have a very busty lady who might as well of slung her boob over my shoulder!

LMAO!!<br />
when me and sleepless get together we make it soooooo obvious as well..<br />
<br />
"hello MR!! is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?... oh.. its a clipboard...."

(I do that too!)<br />
<br />
Then I check out wedding rings....

I like to crotch spot when I am on trains... pretend your reading every now and then take a look at peoples crotches... oooo not bad..... omg has he got a *****??....meh, mediocre LMAO!... (I actually do this...)<br />
This has become a sport in itself..

Haha it's a good place to be

oooooo I like a pinstripe sardine me in-between those two!! ;) LOL

They do it on purpose! Same as bus drivers. <br />
<br />
Im short enough to fit in the curve of the door, so luckily not much squashed face for me.<br />
<br />
He was hot!<br />
And then tonight on the way home, man in pin striped suit, my weakness.mmmmmmmmmmmmm

OH!!! ha ha ha... I get ya now... sardines cause they are in a tin and stuff...<br />
<br />
ooo cute bum?.. ;) im gonna have to get on the Victoria line more often..<br />
<br />
I do love getting cosy on the trains.. and having for face flattened on the window... and is it me or when its really packed the driver purposely breaks hard to create a domino effect!? LMAO

Awww, is it? I got a seat today and everything!<br />
<br />
No armpits in my face during rush hour, just a cute bum about a foot away...hehe<br />
<br />
Ok, rules....you have to get on it at Brixton between the hours of 8.30 and 9.30am or 4-8pm. Breathe in and hope that there are enough people around you so you can't actually move when the train goes.<br />
<br />
I always imagine a slight POP! sound when someone comes off and people can breathe