5th Grade Perves

I was on a field trip to St.Louis in 5th grade and on our way back we all got bored and whipped out on empty soda bottle. Being in the back of the bus and trying to be as quiet as possible about our naughty little game, we figured we wouldn't get caught. WRONG!!!! We got loud with the "EEwwee's" and the "NO, I'm not kissing him/her!" and one the teachers headed back there. (she was actually one of the students moms, but was supposed to be posing as a teacher). Right before she made to the back of the bus we had lost our bottle and to our suprise the mom/teacher offered to get us another one!!!! She ended up leaving us alone to do our thing but one of the other teachers caught wind of what we were doing and came back and sat with us until we got home. The next day we all lost a full day of recess!!! Small price to pay for a little naughty fun!!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
Apr 18, 2007