My Spin the Bottle Expieriences

i played spin the bottle first in 7th grade at summer camp it was ok but everyone was to chiken to go further than kiss on lips (no french) the second time i played spin the bottle was much funner it was again during the summer i was 13 and my best friend had a birthday party  and when someone suggested to play spin the bottle we all went to his back yard and sat in a circle and began to play but all the people there where chiken so most of them just had dry kisses but there was one girl there who was unbelievably hot and i really wanted to kiss her so at some point i proposed the idea that we should play with the rule that the person can either dry kiss for 15seconds or french for 5 everyone liked this idea but still everyone just dried kissed at some point i spinned the bottle and it landed on the hot girl so i leaned forward and i was just goin for a nother dry kiss when suddenly about mid way both of us changed possition and went for the french it was great

p.s. the next year we (me and the girl) ended up goin to the same school and she turned out to be a complete #%$^# but i still really enjoyed that kiss  

levka levka
18-21, M
Jun 3, 2007