Good Ol' Sspin the Bottle

My first game of spin the bottle was one i will always regret. When my friend Jasmine spun the bottle and it landed on me and the dirtiest boy in the neigherborhood, i wanted to run for my life! But mean and snotty is something that i would never be, plus i knew he liked me, and running would probably crush him into a million pieces. So i leaned in to kiss him and a string of drool dropped out his mouth because he was (like always) sucking on some dice! After that my nickname became creek lip (because he was also known for playing in the creek)

It's funny beacause now earl is the finest boy in Forest Creek, or so i heard.

cancer06 cancer06
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 4, 2006

Sounds like the story of the nerd growing up to be Bill Gates.