My First And Last

I have only one experience of ***** poker in real life. It was on a class trip on 9th grade, I guess that makes us 16... Two guys, two girls, one cabin. Of course the girls sucked at poker, which balanced for the fact that they had more garments on them. So we got to the point where I was down to my undies, the hotter one of them was down to her bra and panties and lost... she took some time deciding whether to remove her bra or panties. She chose the bra, but was feeling very bashful, so my friend came up with a stupid extra rule that you could wear a bed sheet when your underwears goes. Nevertheless, it was the first experience of a girl taking her bra off in front of me. Next thing we got surprised by some classmates. We had to abort the game. Maybe I did win some street cred at last moment, as I was never very popular in that class...
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Very sexy