So last night i went to my friends house for another party and ended up drunk and playing ***** poker. We were at emilys house with her girlfriend jade. There were a couple more people i knew and few i didnt know at all i wasnt going to have a late night or drink much as i had been out all weekend but that didnt last long and i was drunk within the first couple of hours. The music was playing the guys were getting loud and cheering everytime me and jade made out (not uncommon and emily also) at about 11 we all started doing shots and were in the kitchen when charlie who i had only just met said we should play a game and she said ***** poker. Emily jade charlie john and myself all started to play. It wasnt long until most of us were half naked emily was sat there in her g string and i was in my bra and panties john still had his jeans on lol he is a good player. All the guys and girls who wernt playing were cheering and soon me and emily were charlie were naked and thought we were out of the game and then john said as we didnt have any clothes to remove we should make a new rule. The loser of the ha d had to do what was on the list to the winner of the hand and this ranged from kissing to oral sex. We were all drunk and didnt care an before long everyone was naked i had already kissed john and made out with jade when charlie lost she lost to john and she had to give him a hand job and without hesitation she got up and sat next to him done as she had to. All the guys then wanted to play thinking we would never actually do it so we all said if they wanted to play they had to ***** to catch up well a few of the guys chickend out when they were made to get off with oneanother and i ended up given a guy a hand job and right after i lost to the same guy again and had to give him oral sex. As soon as we got back to the game everybody was just making out with eachother and that was the end of the game but not the fun. X x x x
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Amy that sounds like a good night and a laugh,wouldn't mind being your partner for the next one,lol.